Our History

In November 1996 P.A.L.S. was incorporated as a Company limited by Guarantee. The Company is run by a Board of Directors which meets monthly to discuss the affairs of the organisation. Special meetings are held when required. The day to day operation of P.A.L.S. is the responsibility of the Executive Director, Colleen English DeGrilla, who is supported by two administrative assistants.

From modest beginnings in 1980, P.A.L.S. proposed operating budget for 2016/2017 is now $1.5 million. This includes the salaries of five full-time nurses and one part time social worker.

P.A.L.S. depends solely upon financial donations from the generous people of Bermuda, without whose support we could not exist.

Operating funds are derived from memorial donations, general donations from the business sector, caring individuals, other charitable organisations wishing to help, in lieu of union dues and through the tireless work of so many of our volunteers at our on-going fund raising events. It should be noted that 77% of expenses is directed to patient care.

For more than 20 years P.A.L.S. operated from rental accommodation, moving on as we outgrew the premises. In 1996 a decision was made to seek a suitable property either to build upon or to convert.

In 1999 P.A.L.S. acquired a small plot of land on Point Finger Road. Planning permission was obtained and building commenced in 2001. Construction of the new premises was completed in October 2002.

The new headquarters has given P.A.L.S. a permanent home from which to carry on our very important work in the community. The new building gives each nurse a small space of her own and each of our administrative personnel a proper work area. The lower floor is partly taken up by a large area where we can safely store all of our medical equipment in a clean and safe environment.