Runners Take on JFK 50 MILE for PALS

Ever looked at the Runners on May 24th and think, “Goodness, I wonder how they can run that far?”. Now imagine running almost 4 times that…From Somerset to St. George and all the way back again up to Somerset! 50 miles…Does that sound really crazy, or impossible???

Well that’s what 6 local long distance runners are hoping to do on November 18th from the quaint little town of Boonsboro in Maryland. On that fall morning  at 7am, Anne Kermode, Rose-Anna Hoey, Laura Wright, Darin Cassidy, Jamie-Lee Wright and Mark Harris will undertake the JFK 50 mile challenge. This is the oldest Ultra Marathon in the USA and attracts 1000+ participants on an annual basis. It involves over 1000ft of climbing on the Appalachian Trail. Mak Harris and Anne Kermode are experienced ultra-marathoners and Jamie-Lee Wright has completed the Race to the Stones 100km challenge in the Summer. However Rose-Anna, Laura and Drain will step up to the Ultra distance of 50 miles for the first time in November.

The training for this event involved many grueling hours of running in heat and humidity in the Bermuda Summer.

The runners are taking on the Challenge as a fund-raiser for PALS. PALS Charity # 171 provides unique cancer care and support in Bermuda via nursing in the home, provision of medical equipment family support, financial support, counselling and social work services. These services are provided free of charge, and are open to anyone with a cancer diagnosis. PALS relies on donations to retain these essential services for the community of Bermuda.

All of the runners are hoping to finish the event under the enforced time limit of 13 hours. They all know that however challenging the event may be that it won’t come close the challenges faced by people with a Cancer diagnosis in our community.

Please support us for doing something crazy to raise funds for a very worthy cause!

Rose-Anna, Anne, Darin, Laura, Mark and Jamie-Lee